BEGC 103 Solved Assignment 2019-20 | Indian Writing in English

BEGC 103 Solved Assignment

BEGC 103


Solved Assignment 2019-20

Maximum Marks 100

Answer all questions.

Section A 

Write short notes in about 200 words each:

(i). Significance of Malgudi in RK Narayan’s novels.

(ii) Plot of The Binding Vine.

(iii) Critical analysis of “The Palanquin Bearers” by Sarojini Naidu.

(iv) Humour in “The Other Woman”.

Section B

Answer the following in about 300 words each:

BEGC 103 solved assignment 

Q.1 Stage one of Raja the tiger’s evolution.

Q.2 Analyze the character of Urmi in The Binding Vine.

Q.3 Attempt a critical appreciation of “Night of the Scorpion”.

Q.4 Explain how “The Lost Child” is an allegory.

Section C 

Answer the following questions in about 800 words each:

Q.1 Analyze A Tiger for Malgudi as an allegory.

Q.2 Write a detailed note on the themes present in The Binding Vine.

BEGC 103 solved assignment

Q.3 Write in detail about the genesis of Indian English poetry.

Q.4 What are the essential features of a short story?

Q.5 Write a detailed note on the rise of the Indian novel in English.

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