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Download BGMI Apk 1.6 (Battlegrounds Mobile India)

Download BGMI Apk 1.6 (Battlegrounds Mobile India) : Hey, what’s up guys I hope you guys all are good and playing your favorite Battlefield mobile India game on your Android phone. Now ready for the forthcoming interpretation of BGMI 1.6.0 game.

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The new interpretation (BGMI 1.6.0) will be launch on 14th September 21. You’ll be suitable to download or install or modernize the rearmost interpretation of battlefields mobile India from Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and as well as from our website.

Technical Bandu always tries to give you early access to the rearmost BGMI & PUBG APK. Then’s the same, on this runner you’ll be going to download the BGM 1.6.0 APK train before the sanctioned update.

Before downloading the APK train, I’ve commodity to tell you about the rearmost interpretation, what’s new in the game, how you’ll find out about them, and numerous other effects.


In order to download the BGMI apk rearmost interpretation, you need at least 4 GB ram and 6 GB internal storehouse in your smartphone device. You do n’t have to uninstall the former interpretation of BGMI, You can install the rearmost interpretation over that formerly installed game. you won’t lose any data and your BGMI game will be streamlined to the rearmost interpretation. simply follow our guidance and download BGM apk1.6.0 interpretation and install it on your device.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)

BGMI is the Indian interpretation of the PUBG Mobile game. In late 2019 Indian government blazoned that due to National Security issues they ban hundreds of Chinese operations including PUBG mobile game also. latterly that in 2021 Krafton, INC blazoned the Indian interpretation of PUBG mobile game name Battlefield mobile India in short BGMI.

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Lots of changes in the new battlefields mobile India game, all data will be host in the Indian data center, you can not add musketeers from global service, you can not elect any other garçon except India, no more regular Royal pass, UC price is now advanced than ever. Special events are grounded on Indian carnivals and societies, and lots of new effects in the Indian PUBG mobile game.

The good news is you can still resettle your old pubg account data to the new Battlefield mobile India account through Facebook and Twitter. we formerly published a detailed composition about how to resettle from PUBG global to BGMI account.

Download BGMI APK 1.6 For Android

I know you’re staying for downloading the BGMI Apk Rearmost Interpretation. You can modernize it through Google Play Store and the app store, but if you’re facing issues from those two Ways also try this system. below I’ve participated the download link of BGMI APK rearmost interpretation1.6.0, simply download from those links and Install it manually.

Name Battlegrounds Mobile India Apk
Version 1.6.0
File Size 91MB
Publisher Krafton, INC.
Supports Android 5.0 & Up
Updated 14 Sep 2021


Download BGMI Apk 1.6

FAQs Download BGMI Apk 1.6 

What is BGMI?

BGMI is the Indian version of the PUBG Mobile game.

BGMI 1.6 Release Date

New Version 1.6.0 will be Release on 14th September 2021.

How to Update BGMI Game?

Simply Download the Latest APK File from our website and install it.


I ’m assuming that you have streamlined BGMI with the rearmost version. However, installation, or anything, If you have any queries regarding updates. It’ll be streamlined with the forthcoming interpretation, so make sure to bookmark this runner because it’ll be streamlined in the future for the forthcoming updates.

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