MEG 12 Solved Assignment 2019-20 | Canadian Literature

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MEG 12 Solved Assignment 2019-20

MEG 12

A Survey Course in 20th Century Canadian Literature

Solved Assignment 2019-20

Max. Marks: 100

MEG 12 Solved Assignment 2019-20 : Attempt all 10 questions and answer each question in approximately 500 words.

1 What are some major concerns that dominate 20th century Canadian Literature? Give a reasoned answer. 10

2 Write a detailed note on the different stages of Canadian history from the First Settlers to the present times. 10

3 Atwood and Ondaatje are major novelists who have also made a mark as poets. Discuss their contribution to both genres from your study of their novels/poems in your course. 10

4 Write a detailed note on the main character of the novel Surfacing. 10

5 Through the story of the Lacasse family, Gabrielle Roy presents a picture of the poor inhabitants of Montreal. Discuss. 10



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6. Love and war are interconnected in The English Patient. Discuss with examples from the novel.                        10

7. Attempt a critical appreciation of “Swimming Lessons” by Rohinton Mistry.                                                        10

MEG 12 solved assignment

8. With reference to “The Door I Shut Behind Me” discuss whether immigrants lead a “Trishanku” like existence. 10

9. The Ecstasy of Rita Joe is a hard hitting criticism of Canadian society. Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer.                                                                                                                                                                                      10

10. Comment on Northrop Frye’s ‘Anatomy of Criticism’ as a major critical text.                                                      10

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