Protecting Your Skin & Hair from Holi Colors

 Applying either coconut or almond oil on your face and other exposed parts of the body, before you play with colors, will ensure that your skin stays protected. 

Apply Coconut or Almond Oil

 You can wear sunglasses to prevent color powder from flying into your eyes while playing. These will also allow you to play all day, even when it’s sunny outside! – – 

Wear Sunglasses

Oil your hair and tie it up tightly to ensure minimum exposure to the chemicals in Holi colors. You can even protect it with a scarf tied around your head. – – – 

Tie Your Hair

Lemon Juice To Prevent Infection

 For sensitive scalps, use lemon juice to prevent infection that may be caused by the colors.

Waxing or Shaving

 Make sure not to get any beauty treatments like waxing or shaving done in the week before you play with colors. This will make your skin extra sensitive to the effect of the colors.

Oil before Bathing

 Before having a bath, apply oil to your skin so that the color comes off easily.

Remove Colors When Wet

 The best time to remove colors is when they are wet. So, have a bath before the powders dry up on your skin.

Wash with Warm Water

 Use warm water to wash the colors out of your hair.

Aloe Vera Gel

 You can use also aloe Vera gel or rosewater to soothe any skin irritation that may be caused by chemicals in colors.

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